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**I registered this domain name,, with great enthusiasm and purpose in 2007. Nine years ago, people. I was big into Napoleon Hill and having a definite aim in life, at the time. I decided to invent myself anew, to transform all traces of indecision and lack of direction and distracted wording and cute phrases that no longer served me. Was being indecisive getting me what I wanted? Heck no. “Give me ambiguity or give me something else” bumper sticker? Removed with gusto, after thinking about it for only two to seven minutes. Obviously, since it is now 2016 and I am only now deliberately directing my focus here, that truism about people teaching what they most need to learn is accurate in my case. Being definite about what? Well, I’ve taken a few years to ponder this, and I’ve realized (or read somewhere) that Clarity Comes from Action. I notice I don’t get clearer about something by thinking about it, by ruminating in circles about it. I DO become clearer about what works and what doesn’t work, by taking action. And by then integrating the feedback I can only get by taking that action. So simple, yet so rare in people over 20. (I made that statistic up.) So, I’m writing without knowing exactly what I’m doing. I know WHY I’m writing: to playfully express whatever good I have in me that contributes something meaningful and useful to the wellbeing of others. All about the process. Definite about that part. The rest will take care of itself. Right?! Let’s see what happens in this experimental experiential place of Just Doing It. With purpose and meaning.**

This site is the result and process of taking meaningful action, with emphasis on the process of taking definite action. Definite and meaningful = clear vision from what matters, from what I value.

Let’s see what comes of this.

What you can be, you must be. Get to it.

Getting to know your tools and how to use them for your greatest Joy. What are your tools?

Your Brain

Your brain is a transmitting and receiving mechanism. For what thoughts (and corresponding actions) is your brain currently wired? Take a look. Choose your next move.

Just by thinking about long-term effects in your life, you will begin to shift in that direction, acting on what aligns with that vision.

Gifts of Your Brain:

“Bringing the mind into a condition of equilibrium which enables us to consciously direct the flow of spirit to a definite, recognized purpose and then carefully to guard our thoughts from inducing a flow in the opposite direction.” – Thomas Troward, Edinburgh Lectures of Mental Science p.88

Knowing Your Purpose

“The evidence is overwhelming that you cannot begin to achieve your best unless you set some aim in life.”

– Henry J. Kaiser

Do you feel like you’re doing the wrong thing? Relax. Now that you are noticing, you won’t spend your life doing the wrong things.

From John C. Maxwell’s “How Successful People Think”

The Right Picture of Success
So how do you get started on the success journey? What does it take to be a success? Two things are required: the right picture of success and the right principles for getting there.

The picture of success isn’t the same for any two people because we’re all created differently as unique individuals. But the process is the same for everyone. It’s based on principles that do not change. After more than twenty-five years of knowing successful people and studying the subject, I have developed the following definition of success:

Success is …
knowing your purpose in life,
growing to reach your maximum potential, and
sowing seeds that benefit others.

You will never exhaust your capacity to grow toward your potential or run out of opportunities to help others.

Personal Brain Management | Developing Your Brain Power

As I spend hours and days and years of my life studying peak performance, biology of belief, how to condition the body for optimal enjoyment through attitude adjustments and positive expectation of desired results, I figured I might as well put it all to good use — by making a site. And by living it all out loud, yes.

I herein apply all my energy-management and fun-loving skills to execute a well-planned, user-focused site of tutorials and practical step-by-step info for fun stair climbing workouts in ease and flow.

I’m also practicing not caring what people think.



Brain-related lifestyle factors

Managing Stressful Situations
Concentration Power / Avoiding Distractions
Emotional Health
Processing New Information
Defining and Pursuing Personally Meaningful Goals
Monitoring and Managing Thought Processes
Dealing with New, Unpredictable Situations
Planning ahead and Solving Problems in Systematic Ways
Ability to Multi-task
Remembering Faces and Names

Brain and Behaviour

“The old nature-versus-nurture dichtomy made have made sense thirty years ago before we learned how profoundly experience shapes the brain. Today, though, we see the influences as more circular: Genes influence behaviour, and behaviour, in turn, can influence how the genes function and how the child grows and develops.” Magic Trees of the Mind (Dr. Marian Diamond, Janet Hopson)

Mind Mapping Works

Practical applications of brain knowledge for getting stuff done. Work the way your brain organizes information by connecting ideas with existing knowledge.

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