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How to Get What You Want By Finding Your Howl

“Perhaps you have been wandering all your past life, living in the shepherd’s folds in the churches, perhaps never dreaming that you were not a sheep, that you did not belong to that particular shepherd’s fold. Yet you may have had an instinctive feeling that there was something in you which did not respond to the sheep call, that there was a something within you which did not fit your environment, which did not belong to the conditions in which you found yourself. You may have been conscious that there was something in you which never responded to the call which appealed to those about you.

You may have heard the voice that answered your yearning while reading an inspiring book, or while listening to a new philosophy conversation which seemed to open up a new compartment in your nature.

No matter where you hear this call, when you do hear it something within you will answer the call and you will know that you have been touched to a higher, a finer purpose.

The new philosophy, however, especially appeals to the undiscovered part of us, to those hidden, latent forces within us, which we have not hitherto been able to get hold of. In other words, it appeals to our hitherto unused assets, our plus or surplus life capital. You will find something in people who have embraced it, in people who understand it, which you do not find in others.”

How to Get What You Want
Finding Your Howl – Jonathon Flaum: “To find our howl we have to pay a price… This process may feel like a death and may at its most intense terrify us and at its least unsettle us. This is the price of finding our howl, our own one of a kind authentic voice, and there is no way around it… The only way out of our self-erected prison is to go through it completely. There is no quick escape, every square inch of our imprisonment must be touched and lived through before it can be abandoned.”


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