“Life Without Contrast Is Life Without Fulfillment”

(Abraham-Hicks Journal Excerpt: 1997-12-01)

Life Without Contrast Is Life Without Fulfillment

Most physical beings still struggle with contrast, and if they could, they would eliminate contrast from experience and take only their favorite of everything. But from your broader Nonphysical perspective, you would not eliminate contrast, because you understand, from that perspective, that, as creators, the contrast is essential to decision.

Power In Decision

You could not begin to decide what is wanted if you did not have the contrast of what is not wanted — and from your broader Nonphysical perspectives, as creators, you understand that what a decision is is a literal focusing of Energy. In other words, everything is about Energy, and the way you express it, the way you focus it, the way you channel it, the way you guide it, the way you utilize it, the way you become a part of it, the way you get involved in it. The way you become a creative force, utilizing Energy, is by your perspective, by your belief, by your attention, by your focus, by your decision.

Can you feel the difference in the power in saying, “I would like to have that or I want that” and “I’ve decided.” In decision, there is simply a focusing of Energy, and our dominant intent, as we are interacting with you here — is to help you understand, without any question whatsoever, how to know, how to sense or feel, whether you are a vibrational match to your own decision.

Vibrational Harmony

Contrast helps you come to a decision, but rarely do we find a physical being in harmony with their own decision. And that’s why those things that you know you’re wanting do not come easily to you. It’s because, vibrationally, often, you are not in harmony with your own decision. And the reason that you are not vibrationally in harmony with your own decision is because you are not using your sensors to determine what you are offering vibrationally. You’re using thoughts or ideas or beliefs or words or actions or behavior. You’re trying to control things through behavior, where all you have to do is learn how to align your Energy, and by Law of Attraction, what is in alignment with your Energy must come to you.


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