Napoleon Hill on the Master Mind Effect

When two or more people harmonize their minds and produce the effect known as a “Master Mind,” each person in the group becomes vested with the power to contact with and gather knowledge through the “subconscious” minds of all the other members of the group. This power becomes immediately noticeable, having the effect of stimulating the mind to a higher rate of vibration, and otherwise evidencing itself in the form of a more vivid imagination and the consciousness of what appears to be a sixth sense. It is through this sixth sense that new ideas will “flash” into the mind. These ideas take on the nature and form of the subject dominating the mind of the individual. If the entire group has met for the purpose of discussing a given subject, ideas concerning that subject will come pouring into the minds of all present, as if an outside influence were dictating them. The minds of those participating in the “Master Mind” become as magnets, attracting ideas and thought stimuli of the most highly organized and practical nature, from — no one knows where!

It is said that each of the individuals belonging to this Big Six group is a millionaire many times over. As a rule there is nothing worthy of special comment on behalf of a man who does nothing more than accumulate a few million dollars. However, there is something connected with the financial success of this particular group of men that is well worth comment., study, analysis and even emulation, and that “something” is the fact that they have learned how to co-ordinate their individual minds by blending them in a spirit of perfect harmony, thereby creating a “Master Mind” that unlocks, to each individual of the group, doors which are closed to most of the human race.


No effort can be said to be ORGANIZED unless the individuals engaged in the effort co-ordinate their knowledge and energy in a spirit of perfect harmony. Lack of such harmonious co-ordination of effort is the main cause of practically every business failure.

It is more than probable that Mr. Ford’s remarkable insight into the laws of nature was first begun as the result of his friendly alliance with his own wife long before he ever met either Mr. Edison or Mr. Firestone. Many a man who never knows the real source of his success is made by his wife, through the application of the “Master Mind” principle. Mrs. Ford is a most remarkably intelligent woman, and this author has reason to believe that it was her mind, blended with Mr. Ford’s, which gave him his first real start toward power.

The human brain, when in [a] depleted condition, must be recharged, and the manner in which this is done is through contact with a more vital mind or minds. The great leaders understand the necessity of this “recharging” process, and, moreover, they understand how to accomplish this result. THIS KNOWLEDGE IS THE MAIN FEATURE WHICH DISTINGUISHES A LEADER FROM A FOLLOWER!

Fortunate is the person who understands this principle sufficiently well to keep his or her brain vitalized or “recharged” by periodically contacting it with a more vital mind. Sexual contact is one of the most effective of the stimuli through which a mind may be recharged, providing the contact is intelligently made, between man and woman who have genuine affection for each other. Any other sort of sexual relationship is a devitalizer of the mind [note: I’m going with the interpretation that ‘any other sort of sexual relationship’ to mean a sexual contact that lacks genuine affection between the people making the connection. because i’m gay like that.]

Power is organized effort.

A definite chief aim will … do away forever with aimlessness and fix your heart and hand upon some definite, well conceived purpose as a life-work.

There are three outstanding powers in the world of organized effort. They are: The churches, the schools and the newspapers. Think what might easily happen if these three great powers and molders of public opinion should ally themselves together for the purpose of bringing about any needed change in human conduct. they could, in a single generation, so modify the present standard of business ethics, for example, that it would be business suicide for anyone to try to transact business under any standard except that of the Golden Rule. Such an alliance could be made to produce sufficient influence to change, in a single generation, the business, social and moral tendencies of the entire civilized world. Such an alliance would have sufficient power to force upon the minds of the oncoming generations any ideals desired.

A good encyclopedia contains most of the known facts of the world, but they are as useless as Sand Dunes until organized and expressed in terms of action.

From: Law of Success by Napoleon Hill, 1928, pg 70ish.


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