Act Less, Envision More: Hold Vision for 17 seconds…

Thanks to Nick (and Happy Birthday x L8ve today!) for posting this “17 – 68 Seconds of Pure Thought” video on my facebook wall.

17 seconds of pure thought = 2000 action hours

Here are some media files for your enjoyment © Abraham-Hicks, from their Portland workshop in June 2007:


Thought precedes manifestation:
Thought and Law of Attraction:
Staying the desired direction:
To keep up with who-you-are:
Is All-That-Is all there is:
Could doctor avoid false hope:
Get happy eat what feels good:
Can he be, do or have anything:
From where comes unconscious:
She’s bouncing checks no more:
Refreshed after night’s sleep:
Influence a paralyzed brother:
Portland, OR workshop close:



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