You Cannot Be All Things to All People

people pleaser

You cannot be all things to all people to keep them in the place of connection because it’s not about you. Their connection is about them.

Finally, with enough trial and error, you come away from it saying, ‘Oh, it’s not my job to please them. It’s their job to please them. It’s my job to please me.’

It’s your job to find vibrational harmony with you and You. Sometimes people hear us say these words, and they worry. They say, ‘Abraham, you teach selfishness.’ And we say, indeed we do, because if you’re not selfish enough to connect to Source Energy, you don’t have anything to give anybody anyway. They say, ‘But, we worry, if you teach people to just please themselves, then will not they be out there doing all kinds of abhorrent things that will negatively affect the rest of us?’

And we say, any abhorrent things that they do, only affect them and others that are a vibrational match to them. They cannot assert themselves into your experience. Everything is about attraction.”



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