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making money doing what you love online is the best.

For me, part of what I love about writing in this blog is encountering success stories of those who are making a very fine living as Internet Entrepreneurs. Yes Mom, people are actually making good money by blogging or running forums or managing a site, etc. 🙂

Apologies to correct mathematical convention, but I’ve observed that the success equation goes something like this:

Given: Vision & Action.

Therefore, Work = Play

And the closer you come to living that, the more enjoyable are your days and the more enthusiastic you are about your product (whether your contribution outlet be in writing articles, carving wooden shoes, teaching others; the point is that you’re enthusiastic when you are most being yourself.)

“When I give, I give myself.”
-Walt Whitman


Allowing your creative self-expression is key. When you have fun doing what you do, you invest yourself in your product, whether it makes money or not. But the nice thing is that Quality and Creativity are usually the result of doing something you enjoy. Doing something you enjoy and that is creating value for others, ensures long-lasting appeal.

“How do I become a successful blogger?”

1. Write stuff.

1.(a)Write stuff that is good.

2. Learn from those who are good at it.

Darren Rowse @ ProBlogger.net
Steve Pavlina @ StevePavlina.com

Some general tips for Solo Entrepreneurs (as usually bloggers go solo):

The Four Secrets — the four key strategies that every solo entrepreneur should learn early and apply often:

Personal Development: know and grow yourself as a person – stop being who you think others want you to be, and discover who YOU want to be.

Niche: get really picky about who you work with and what you’ll do for them, and attract them just by being yourself!

Leverage: hire help to do those tasks you dislike or aren’t good at, even if you don’t think you can afford it.

Collaboration: find colleagues you can work with easily, and forge win-win-win agreements that go way beyond what you could do alone.

– from The Four Secrets of Freedom, Independence, Flexibility and Prosperity — The Solo Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Be inspired. Have a vision. Oh, and do the work.

Says Markus Frind, CEO of plentyoffish.com: Any Idiot Can Make Millions Off Google.

From BootstrappingBlog: “So many people want to ‘jump on the bandwagon’ but then do not succeed, and wonder why. I follow my own path, and I know this this will bring me success.”

Don’t get tired just thinking about how great your new lifestyle is — read this: most new entrepreneurs are lazy.

Some qualities of successful web entrepreneurs:

Contrary to the impression given above, internet entrepreneurs are often early risers by nature or nurture; they like to do their work before everybody else has had their morning coffees.

They value freedom and flexibility! Here’s an article on the Joys of being Flexible and Spontaneous by Shaun at lifereboot.com.

Your reasons for wanting to become an entrepreneur are likely that you:

– Have a desire for self-determination; more flexibility in your working life and family life.

– Value freedom without any ties; not having to report to someone.

– Value competence; knowing you can do things better than you feel they are done at your current/previous workplace; to contribute to creating something, and seeing results.

– Have the desire to apply your creativity, explore the endless possibilities available, to see something grow as a result of your personal efforts.

– Like the financial incentive and earning potential; you set your own hours, you are ready to work your butt off.

– Want to spend more time living life instead of waiting to live it on the weekends or during a mythical retirement.

– Know that leveraging technology by starting an online business is one of the best ways to live a secure, free lifestyle

– Have read Steve Pavlina’s post 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job.


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