Why Does Everything Come at Once?

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A Note from the Universe:

Do not think
that you have to get “there”, wherever “there” is for you, with what you have today, whether in terms of money, confidence, talent, connections, whatever. Doesn’t work like that. Too scary.
Bad idea.

Once you set yourself in motion, the necessary resources, in terms of money, confidence, talent, connections, will be drawn to you.

{soft whisper in the background,
“Once you set yourself in motion…”}

*Fade out.*

Do you ever notice that when you’re feeling really great about something, you get a phone call with even more good news? Yes! We’re ordering icecream for supper! The whole day has an “on” quality about it.

I used to read stories about people who were always looking for The One, the perfect job, the dream life. Time and time again, when the person immersed him/herself into his passion (usually giving their main focus to some career or entrepreneurial pursuit), they synchronistically met The Soulmate.. walked into a miraculous opportunity.. or experienced more wealth than they had previously hoped for.


Well, the results make a lot of sense. When you are feeling great about something, you attract more things that feel great. This law of resonance — like attracts like — is the most popular of the universal laws.

Some daily life examples of the law of resonance in action:

Why do you get more offers for dates from strangers when you’re happily in a relationship? Not because people are skanky, no — but for the reason that you’re sending out the vibes that you’re confident and happy about your relationship. Walking around with a smile on your face, excited for what the next moment will bring, you are a magnet for more of the same, and for people who resonate to those same desires.

Why are you offered free meals in restaurants when you have lots of money already? Because you’re living an abundant mindset.

Why do banks only give loans to people who have money? Hmmm a mystery. No! You receive money when your actions reflect that you are ready to receive it. Would you give your money — an investment of your time and effort — to someone or something that showed no potential desire to build upon your offering? I don’t think so. The kids that take care of their belongings are given even nicer gifts. Showing appreciation for what you have, goes a long way.

Do you know how to take care of money? Show it! Start the habit of saving. Looking for some wonderful relationship to develop? Well, ask yourself the basics: do you know how to be loving?

Start with yourself. Act like you are the person you will be when you are in that loving relationship and walking around knowing you are financially independent and you have a reason to get up each morning with a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye. A twinkle, not a twinkie. Don’t snack in bed.

Law of Resonance (Law of Attraction)

Abraham-Hicks emphasize that feeling good is your only priority. Do anything to feel good, anything to put yourself into a vibratory state of receiving what you want. In this vibrational universe, your vibration is all that matters.

I was going to offer some suggestions about how to align your vibration with what you want, but it’s easier to simply delve into Abraham-Hicks’ years of enlightening discussions first-hand as they’ve been offering practical processes of doing this (deliberate creating) for years. The main point? Reach for the next thought that feels better, wherever you are on the feeling spectrum.

You’re happy when you’re thinking about what you want, right? So… think about what you want.

Thinking about who you want to be, what you want to do and have, makes you feel good. If thinking about what you want makes you feel bad, then you know it’s time to focus on what is good about your current situation and see the ways in which things are getting better and that what you want is possible. Better yet, here’s a novel idea: Think of what you want while you act in ways conducive to getting what you want. You’ll feel even better about your success as you progressively realize it, instead of waiting around by the phone all night. :p

No means Yes!

This universal consciousness doesn’t know the difference between what you say you want and what you say you don’t want. In other words, if you say you don’t want to walk home in the rain, the universe picks up the image of you walking home in the rain, and you get the rain or something else that matches your feeling about the rain. Whether you say YES or NO to the image, what you focus on provides the creative direction.

From Abraham-Hicks’ quarterly journal:

What confuses most people about this is that you have not learned to be discriminating in that which you are giving your attention to. When you see something that you want, and you say, “Yes yes, more of that,” what’s actually happening, not by your yessing but by your attention to it, you are including that vibration in your mix, which means, when Law of Attraction acts upon that — you are going to get more of this that you are saying “yes” to. But when you see those things that you do not want and you shout “no” at them — because this is a Universe that is based upon attraction, and there’s no such thing as exclusion — when you say “no” to something it’s really the same as saying “yes” to it. Yes means yes, and no means yes. Whatever you give your attention to means yes.

If you say you want one thing but don’t act as though you believe it will happen, well then, you’ve cancelled your desire. If your beliefs about something match the actions you take, then that is a good sign that you are a vibrational match for what you want.

What you’re thinking about and how you feel about what you’re thinking about are your directions to the universal manager to bring you more of the same. Ask and it is given. Remember: in a vibrational universe, your ‘asking’ is equivalent to ‘what you are paying attention to’.


Think and Act as if you are already living the life you want…. it’s a daily investment and it may take some effort at first to focus as much as possible on what you really want, but nothing beats the return on investment!


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